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Texas Tobacco Enforcement

Protecting our children from the dangers of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and tobacco is a vital task requiring constant awareness and continuous effort on the part of parents, state and local government officials, businesses and all Texans.

In 1997 the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 55, which requires the Comptroller to support the state's law enforcement efforts to prevent children from purchasing tobacco products. In 2015, the 84th Legislature passed SB97 updating the Health and Safety Code to include the regulation of e-cigarettes to prevent minors from purchasing e-cigarette products. In doing so, our office provides training resources to police departments to help them promote e-cigarette and tobacco law compliance. We also provide cigarette, e-cigarette and tobacco vendors with training information and the signage they are required by law to prominently display. Those signs send a strong message: Texas law tolerates neither sellers nor buyers in transactions where underage consumers are concerned. Our office also helps minors educate themselves about cigarette, e-cigarette and tobacco laws and provides concerned citizens a place to blow the whistle on vendors that break the law.

under 18 no tobacco no e cigarettes

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