Texas Economy in Focus

Economic Progress Report

(Change from previous year)
Texas Unemployment Decreasing
Texas Nonfarm Employment Increasing
Texas Consumer Price Index Increasing
Sales Tax Collections, Retail Establishments Increasing
U.S. Consumer Confidence Increasing
Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices Increasing

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The World of Economic Indicators:

View a brief overview and explanation of some of the measures economists use to track economic conditions.

Texas Economic Indicators

Note: The following indicators are no longer updated.

  • Time Series Measures
    Time series reports detailing monthly data points from the past 10-15 years for more than two dozen measures of economic activity affecting Texas. Includes Labor Market, Consumer Demand, Financial Market, Energy, Gross State Product and Income and additional indicators.
  • The Texas 100 Stock Index:
    An economic indicator devised by the Comptroller’s office that tracks the stock prices of Texas’ 100 largest publicly traded employers.